Nyet , Comrade Not My Gun ! Or My, Constituitional- Sovereign Rights !

- Regarding / Events - Surrounding - Jade Helm , 15 -&- The, MILITARY Establishments -CURRENT-VERIFIED Psy- op , ( Familerizing-the- General , Publick - WITH- The MILITARY, So - THAT-There-Guards -ARE- Down , (And ALLSO Increasing Their-List,s Of Domestic/Insurgents-)-8/million-2-Date , As -Well As In 2012 - The DHS (Dept, of Homeland Security) Funded A Study To Both Facilitate, And Characterize , Americans -WHO- Where SUSPICIOUS of Centralized Federal Authority -&- Reverant- of - Individual , Liberty's As -Exstreame-Right Wing Terrorists - AND-Interesting That in Ft, Carson Colorado - They-Actually Are Training Foreign-&-RUSSIAN Troops On Just, How To Targete-AMERICAN- TERRORIST,S-!!!-Patriots-(AS WELL AS THE WHOLE, SATANICALLY-INFILTRATED-INTELL, AGENCY OF THE CIA/NSA WHOSE, -CORE- PROGRAM, INCLUDES -LIST,S - OF RED, BLUE, -&- GREEN LIST,S WITCH , WILL DECIDE -WHO- IS DETAINED FOR EITHER, TERMINATION-IE-MURDER- OR -A- FEMA FACILITY, -INTERNMENT-CAMP-OR,-RE-EDUCATION-COME ON-SHEEPLE-WAKE  THE FRICK UP ! -AND- THIS DOESNT -INCLUDE-AN ACTUALL - FIFTH/COLLUM , On - AMERICAN- SOIL ! ( YOU ALL KNOW WHAT IS BEING PREPARED - YOU WHERE WARNED !!!!