Jun. 29, 2015


It,s Sad When Some Are Torn Apart , The History of This Earth, is Repleat With Satan's Art, THEASE Who,ve Been WOUNDED INCONVIENIANT to SOME The Proletariat, Leaders Group,ARE SO NUMB ,As Many Of Them Are Abusive , ITS TRUE And As Sutch Care Not , WHAT THEY DO-As They Ascribe With The - MASONIC-BAPHOMET-OCCULLTIC-BUNCH -THEIR- Crew, What On Earth Are We - The Poor To Do ???Take The Abuse And Walk Away , You know ,THEIRS One Who Watches it All They Say ! And Their, Will Be JUSTICE , Someday ! BUT IN THEIR IVORY TOWERS OF DENIAL-AND-DECEIT,THEIR END IT SEEMS IS NOT SO NEAT , STILL THEIR BLINDNESS AND HYPOCRISSY, ONLY MAKES ME ENRAGED AND ILL ! TWILL THE STARS THEMSELVES NER, WEEP WITH RAGE OR SHOULD WE LOOK AWAY AND TURN THE PAGE , SORROW IS SOMTIMES - SILENT - IT-SEEM,S .

Who Really CARES